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 I will be on Maternity Leave starting September 6th and currently have extremely limited capacity to take on new clients as I finish up with existing clients. I am sorry for the inconvenience! Regular scheduling will not resume until Spring of 2024. 

Find Your Balance.


Are you looking for answers to your weight loss and health issues? 


Nutrology is committed to helping you achieve optimal health through exercise and diet.

Meet Nevine


Nevine is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist  passionate about fitness and food, and the way that good quality, nutritious food can heal the body. 


Nevine earned her personal training certification in 2011 and graduated from the University of Tampa in 2012 with her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and over 15 exercise and nutrition related peer-reviewed publications.


In 2017, she graduated with her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Nevine has worked with many clients, from those who have over 100 pounds to lose and are just beginning on their wellness journey to those looking to further their understanding of exercise and nutrition and take their fitness and wellness to the next level.

No matter where you are on your path to wellness, Nevine looks forward to working with you! 

Meet Kate

Kate is a nutrition consultant passionate about her clients being at their very best. She graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Communications, but after having 4 children and gaining over 60 pounds with each of her pregnancies, she dove head first into the nutrition world, completing my Weight Management Consulting Certification in 2016. 


Kate has been an athlete her entire life, from figure skating, to bikini competitions, to triathlons and marathons. She is experienced in working with competitors and designing nutrition programming to suit each individual's needs. She enjoys bringing her knowledge to clients who want to simply lose weight, improve performance, and be their best. Kate looks forward to working with you and starting this very motivational journey! 

Recipes, Tips, and More 


Our blog contains fitness tips, recipe and food prep ideas, wellness motivation, and tips for changing your lifestyle for the better. Check it out! 

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